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Bond Cost Information

Finance experts have gathered information from Reno County to determine the estimated total annual tax (school district, city, state, other) for a property owner in USD 309 living in South Hutchinson and Nickerson.  Please keep in mind the percent increase in amount of tax paid will vary depending where you live.  In addition the analysis makes some assumptions with respect to what the mill levy will be for the other entities in future years.  However, for example purposes, we are assuming no changes in mill levy other than the 19 mill school bond increase to the District Levy for 2020-2021.

The average taxpayer pays City, County, State and other taxes, in addition to the District tax. In total, the aggregate mill levy is about 197 mills in 2019-20 for someone living in Nickerson and 164 mills for someone living in South Hutchinson. For a $100,000 homeowner, this equates to an annual tax bill of $2,275 (Nickerson) and $1,894 (South Hutchinson), respectively. After factoring in a 19 mill increase in the District levy for the school bond, this results in an estimated annual tax bill for a $100,000 homeowner of $2,494 (Nickerson), and $2,112 (South Hutchison), respectively. Therefore, a 19 mill increase results in a total tax increase of about $219 for a $100,000 homeowner living in Nickerson and South Hutchinson which is a 10% increase for someone living in Nickerson and 12% increase for someone living in South Hutchinson.

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What is the impact to taxpayers?

On a $29.9 Million bond… with 10% State Aid = $2,990,000
On a $77,000 home, taxes will increase…..$13.66/month or $0.45/day.

- 2 McDonald's Quarter-Pounder-with-Cheese Value Meals = $13.38 + tax
- 2 Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes = $10.90 + tax
- 1 Large Papa John's Pepperoni Pizza = $15 + tax