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Kansas College & Career Ready Standards

The Kansas College & Career Ready Standards (KCCRS) for English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy and Mathematics were fully implemented in 2014-2015.  Students are to know the content of the standards as well as demonstrate behaviors and dispositions for college and career readiness upon high school graduation.  To meet these goals, USD 309 is dedicated to providing professional development and coaching support to all teachers in the district.  Teachers and administrators are focused state standards, instructional shifts in ELA/Literacy and math, and relevant rigor for student work and assessment.

The continued vision of professional development and support is "ownership and implementation" to move learning to deeper levels of understanding through classroom application.

The following goals outline the focus of district curriculum.

Goal 1:  All staff will use the DOK matrix to plan for and apply rigor to student tasks and assessments appropriate to the learning target.

Goal 2:  All teachers will include lesson design components as they individually or collectively plan for instruction.

Goal 3: All staff will plan for a Close Reading activity and apply the process in classroom instruction at least twice per quarter to support student comprehension of complex text.

Goal 4:  Elementary, middle and high school math and science teachers will continue to implement targeted Math Practices and instructional shifts in lesson planning and delivery. 

Goal 5: Elementary, Middle and high school ELA teachers will begin developing grade/course level curricula. They will pilot identified curriculum mapping and unit templates that include KCCR standards.

Goal 6: All staff will use their knowledge of text complexity to identify complex text aligned to the complexity band for use in classroom.

Goal 7: All staff will learn the instructional shifts related to the KCCR Writing Standards and apply them to classroom instruction on a weekly basis.

Goal 8:  All staff will identify Tiered Vocabulary and include strategies to support student learning of academic and domain specific vocabulary in classroom. 

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